So How does this work?

Well, everything seems to be much easier when you know how it works doesn't it? I work with a natural approach and my goal is to capture pictures which reflect you both individually and as a couple. My work basically reflects how comfortable and confident you’re feeling. During our time together we will shoot photos of each one of you individually, as well as together. I will guide you and offer you many tips during the shoot but I will also rely on spontaneity and those fleeting moments which are very hard to direct and create. So there is one basic and simple rule:


Just be yourselves!

Could it be that easy? Well, no. There are no rules which make a good photograph. But I have found that keeping a few tips in mind helps a great lot! Here they are:

Just be together and forget about me. Hold each other tight and be close, so close you can actually smell each other without touching one another 🙂 Oh and close your eyes sometimes for moody shots, kiss, look at each other. If you’re walking, hold hands. One of you look down to throw focus on the other. Grin at the camera for funny shots 🙂 Be cheerful, goof around with each other, be playful. Don’t be shy, we’re used to seeing couples doing this 🙂

These tips apply to both a couple photoshoot and the couple photos we will be doing on the day of your wedding.

If you’re planning a pre-wedding couple shoot, be yourselves, don’t over do it when it comes to clothing and accessories. But keep in mind what your partner is wearing and the setting you will be in. If the location is busy (city, etc) wear something plain. If we’re going for lines and plain backgrounds, you can wear busier clothes (don’t be shy about getting in touch for advice on what to wear).


Finally, have fun!

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