Hey there!

      Me llamo Tonio, but you won’t hear me say much more in Spanish. I do, however, speak Maltese, English, Italian and Basic French. My Spanish is slowly improving, but I do understand it better than I speak it. At least, that’s what I think when I watch “Casa De Papel” in Spanish with English subs…

      I was born in Malta, in the summer of 1979, which makes me a 90s kid. I’m still a kid actually. Sometimes.  I grew up listening to the Counting Crows, the Cardigans, Garbage, K’s Choice, Oasis. I’m obsessed about my Vespas and you’ll probably find me riding a motorcycle when I’m not shooting, editing or around my family. I like films by Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a modern day masterpiece to me. The camera movement which greatly helps tell his story in a somewhat that dry comic way and his thoughtful use of colour is genius.

      I’m also a coffee addict. I will always have an extra coffee machine in my cupboard, just in case!

      I’m always open to new ideas. Toying with new ideas is part of my creative process. 

      I have a beautiful, supportive wife. She’s the kindest person I know. If it weren’t for Natalie, I would have never been able to relate to marriage and make wedding photography my passion and my job. She sometimes second shoots with me. Our house is also home to Luna, our (very) long haired cat. She is the queen of the house. Actually, we’re just there to support her lazy lifestyle. But it’s worth it; she purrs like a diesel engine, she sleeps with us, watches TV with us, eats her food while we’re eating ours and even talks back to us in a language which we are gradually understanding better.

      Photography is not just a profession for me, it’s a passion which lets me express my feelings and the way I look at life. Weddings are like a roller coaster ride. Documenting the beautiful lows of those moments of anxiety to the highs of those moments of excitement is a thrill for me. I’ve been shooting weddings since 2010 and I feel blessed I can do this for a living, together with my wife. We love to travel and are always excited to experience cultures different from ours. Together, we’ve shot weddings in Malta,  UK and Canada. It might be easier than you think to have us fly over to wherever you’re getting married to shoot your big day. 

      I come from the world of fashion, that’s how I learnt photography and the skill of making use of whatever is at hand to shoot photographs that stand out. Over the years I grew more and more interested in photojournalism and the power of telling meaningful stories with photographs and gradually, my goals developed into striving to perfect this craft. Nowadays, I focus my time on shooting weddings and helping couples get the best experience from a wedding photographer they could ask for. I also do other commercial work such as fashion and food photography. I recently started a travel blog to document my travels and eventually make prints from the photos I shoot.

      I’m fun-loving, focused, quick and not fussy. I love a good party yet I like to find my quiet spot and have the well-deserved break. I believe in balance, it’s key to everything I do.

      My Style

      When it comes to weddings my approach is journalistic and fun. I focus on a lot of details, the little things you have taken so much time to prepare, especially while you are preparing for your wedding where there is a lot to shoot as the anticipation for your big day builds.

      I try to shoot weddings in available light, un-intrusively, believing it is the best way to get natural looking vivid imagery which tells the true story of your day. I also take some time to shoot some pictures of you and your family in a short period of time at some point after the ceremony.

      For the rest of the day, we’ll join the party and shoot beautiful pictures. I believe that the more you enjoy your day, the more beautiful the pictures we will get. It’s really that simple.

      The end result is the story of your wedding day, told through a set of timeless artistic images that you will cherish forever. The pictures will be delivered in a watermark-free high-resolution format on a pen drive, along with a few prints approximately 3-4 months after the wedding. I lovingly edit every single delivered picture in colour or black and white to create clean, artistic looking images, shot with emotion and aesthetics in mind. Wedding photography is a long term investment, I want to make sure my photographs are still beautiful in 25 years.

      You can also let me design your own personalised wedding album which you can choose from a range of professional contemporary handmade albums.

      Read more about my style.

      If great photography for your wedding day is important to you as much as it is to me, please get in touch.


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