How I Work

I like to think of my style as ‘natural, documentary photography with an artistic touch’.

I like to start capturing your day from the preparation stage at the bride (and groom’s) home where I believe the magic starts as the anticipation for your big day gradually builds. During the day, I normally do allocate some time for group shots with the immediate family and for couple shots with just the two of you (60-90mins), but even these, are kept light and natural. The rest is pretty much undirected. The end product includes the visual likes of fashion, natural emotions and details with an artistic and sometimes, nostalgic touch.


Being discreet and not intrusive is very important to me. Tips to help you feel at ease while getting great pictures are given before the wedding, but I let serendipity take its course. Your task is to feel at ease, our job is to try and be invisible.


Documenting love is about feelings, both yours, and mine. Each photo is a mixture of these feelings. My work is presented in the form of a story, carefully culled in order to create a meaningful tale of your wedding day, even to someone who was not there. With largish weddings, I also curate a short version of the story.


Whilst the power of the story lies in the whole set, each photograph delivered is shot with aesthetics in mind and treated individually in post-production. Great consideration is given to composition, framing and colour grading.


I do a limited number of weddings every year because I want to keep enjoying doing what I do. My photography service aims to attract couples who want the story of their big day captured in a detailed, timelessly beautiful way.


I do what it takes to be, and stay creative, to approach each wedding with a unique open mindset, both while we shoot as well as in post-production.


I know, planning a wedding is no easy task. Great care is taken to capture all the little details you have taken so much time to prepare.


I deliver your photos in 11Megapixel JPG format, believing it’s the best compromise between quality and size. Higher resolution is possible if you bring your own storage.


I normally work with a second shooter, which lets you to get two different angles of what’s going on and lets us distribute the workload better to further minimize disruptions to the flow of your day. Oh, and it’s also good for backup.


I believe in the power of holding a photograph in your hand, a print which will not get lost on a pen drive or the cloud as times roll by. Standard presentation includes a pen drive and a set of beautiful standard prints that tell the story of your day. Other print products are available, please get in touch.

I’m a photographer and I do not do wedding videography. I can direct you to people I work well and am happy to recommend though.

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